How to make a cyanotype print

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In a room with low light start with cyanotype solution A&B, a cup, a tablespoon measure, and a boars hair brush. If you haven’t made your cyanotype solutions see my snapguide on how to make it.

Pour 1tbsp (one cap full) of solution A into the cup.

Pour 1tbsp (one cap full) of solution B into the cup.

Swirl the solution to combine.

Saturate your dry brush in the combine solution.

Remove excess solution from brush.

Paint a thin coat of solution on 11X14 watercolor paper.

Make sure the coated area will fit your digital negative image.

Blow dry your paper with cool air until bone dry.

Grab your digital negative. Don’t have a negative? See my snapguide on how to make one.

Grab a print frame or a clean piece of glass.


Place the print frame face down on the table and open the back.

Remove the back.

Clean the glass.

Place your negative ink side down on the dry cyanotype paper.

Place the cyanotype paper with the negative in the print frame.

Place back into print frame.

Close the back.

Lock the back.

Make sure and lock both sides.

Check to see if your negative is aligned the way you want.

Place your print frame into your UV exposure box or take it out to the sun.

Push it all the way into the exposure unit.

Close the door.

Set the timer to the appropriate time.

18 min. for this exposure.

Turn the timer on.

Put your chemicals back on the darkroom in the chemical counter.

Pour out the excess cyanotype solution or give it to someone else. It cannot be saved once it is mixed.

Wash your brush.

When time is up take your print out of the UV Box.

Place the frame face down on the table and unlock the back.

Open the back.

Remove your print.

Store your negative for later use.

Replace print frame back.

Lock it.

And place it back in the print frame cabinet.


Wash your print in the sink in the darkroom/dimroom.

Rinse till it all looks the same tone of light blue.

...about five minutes. The deep Persian blue most associate with cyanotype printing with not show up until the print oxidizes. This will take place as the image drys.

Hang your image to dry.

Watch the video: Making Cyanotype Prints


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