How to make potpurri

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Gather all Your Supplies!

Make sure you love your flowers & That they Go well with the scent your baking (:

Roll Out Parchment Paper On Tray & Tuck Edged under.

Great, Make sure it's nice and even - your going to be making A LOT Of potpourri!

Start Picking Apart Your Flowers, I like to keep some Flowers whole because it makes the mix prettier.

Lookin' good......

Super important to use green stem plans, like Lemon Grass or Lemon Verbena, Thyme EtC.

Clean as you go! Get all those extra pieces into your pan!

Swipe swipe Done. No Waste (:

It's your choice to use dried herbs. We already added fresh.

Sprinkle sprinkle......


Peel clementine and enjoy a nice snack break (;


Half lemon and THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT: Get all the seeds out! It can make your mix smell bitter-

Squeeze juice over your make shift flower bed...

Take the other half of your lemon and julienne the rind. First scoop out the center, hey if you love Lemons it's time for snack #2 (;

Awesome, Yes, Let's Continue....

Honey Drizzle over Your Candy Clementine Potpourri Mix..... The honey and brown sugar are what give it the name "Candied"

Extra touch, rub some honey on a green leaf from any flower and roll it up to make a nice deco piece for your mix.


Awesome Leaf Tulip (:

Add the remaining citrus peels and sprinkle brown sugar & Vanilla EVERYWHERE Spray Any Essential Oils You Want. I used Sweet Orange (:

Set Your Timer For 2 hours.....

Beautiful!!!!!! I personally remove the lemon and Clementine that still has The center attached to the rind just to keep the Mix clean.

Take white pressed flowers Out & Add to Mix.


It really adds a nice pop to the brown, orange and green baked colors.

Use a Broil Bag to save on bags and staple both sides - DONE - in house Clear Presentation Bags 🏼 Awesome money saver!

Perfect Potpourri ! "Candied Clementine" super different- not your average scent. Great For The Holidays!

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