How to the storage hack to organize your beauty products

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We love makeup. So we’re teaming up with Ziploc® to share a few tips and DIYs to keep the makeup drawer organized and our brains un-frazzled!

Lay out each Ziploc® container’s lid to find the perfect arrangement for your drawer.

Fill each container with similar products — one container for foundation, one for lipstick, and so on.

Here’s one of our fave hacks — make yourself a “to go” container using a Ziploc® Divided Rectangle Container. Toss your everyday beauty products into this, than take it with you where you need to go.

Here’s a bonus hack: weave a strip of elastic through a sushi mat, glue the elastic ends to the mat’s edges, then insert all of your makeup brushes. This smart storage is also *perfect* for travel.

Voila! An organized beauty zone that’s just as smart as it is affordable. Win, win.


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