How to do a light purple eyeshadow

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Grab one of your brushes and apply it with this color

You're then going to apply it right below the eyebrows.

The you're going to grab another brush and get this color on it.

You will apply this eyeshadow all over the eyelid

With another clean brush apply it with this eyeshadow.

You will apply it in the inner eye lid.

Then with another clean brush apply this eyeshadow on it.

You will apply this eyeshadow at the end of the eyelid and in the eyelid crease.

Then grab a blend brush and make sure all the eyeshadows that you applied are well blended.

Then grab your eyelash curler and curl your eyelashes.

Grab your small brush mascara and apply it this will help separate your eyelash.

Grab your big brush mascara and apply it for more volume.

Then apply a small line of eyeliner on the eyelid next to the eyelashes.

Final look!

Final step take lots of pictures.

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