How to make origami hearts

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Fold the square in half twice so it has four lines in total

It should looks like this. Remember to push down firmly so that the paper can stay on its own

Fold 1/4 of the paper to the line so some of it's colored.

Turn your paper over. Fold 2 of the bottom corners to the center

Turn your paper over. Fold the top edges to the verticle lines.

And fold the top two corners so they meet closer to the center

Now fold it in half but DO NOT PRESS DOWN

Make sure that the top and bottom are parallel to each other. Flatten the top two rectangles so they naturally look like this.

Now unfold it so it isn't in half now.

And you will notice that the bottom of your heart can be a pocket. Tuck the top into the bottom

Fold the top flap to make it a triangle.

Fold the told of the rectangle to the body of the heart

Turn it over and you're done

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