How to create a cling vinyl suncatcher by grafix

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use Clear Cling Vinyl and your permanent markers to create unique projects. the vinyl sheets are also available in a rainbow of colors.

Sharpies come in a rainbow of colors, pick your favorites to use for your design.

stencils come in a variety of sizes and designs, select one that matches your decor.

tape paper down to work surface.

cut a piece of Cling Vinyl a little larger than your stencil. then tape vinyl and stencil down to paper.

starting at the inside, begin to fill in designs using markers.

continue to fill in the design, working your way outward.

try to add contrasting colors between sections to add the most "pop" to your design.

when design is finished, remove the stencil.

use the black market to draw the lines in between the designs.

if there are any white areas, fill them in.

finished suncatcher.

cut out your design close to the outer border.

place your suncatcher in a sunny window,

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