How to make peanut butter no bakes

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First gather all of your supplies and have them ready as this recipe moves quick and you want it all handy!

Bring the butter, sugar, and milk to a rolling boil in a medium saucepan. I personally think the one I used was a tad too small.

Make sure to keep the milk, sugar, and butter at the full rolling boil for a full minute. If you have ever made fudge, you've done this process. I continuously stir.

As you can see, the mixture expands and fills the pot, which is why I think a slightly larger pot would be beneficial.

Remove the mixture from the heat source and add your vanilla and peanut butter. Mix this together until it is well blended making sure that the peanut butter is not clumped at all.

I moved my mixture to a new bowl at this stage in order to have enough room. You now add the oats and mix as it cools down.

I did not have wax paper and there is too much for the amount of silicon baking liners I have, so I improvised and used cling wrap. Drop teaspoonfuls onto the paper or to the size you desire.

Let them cool and then enjoy!! As you can see, it makes quite a few!

Additional note: I typically don't have quick cooking oats so I use regular old fashioned oats, and they still taste great. Others may disagree, but I like the texture of the oats this way.

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