How to make an ocean inspired cuff withmonica downing

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I used a sliver cuff blank that I picked up at my local craft store.

I decided to use the raffia that comes in the packaging with the new Relics and Artifacts

Flatten out a long piece of the raffia

Wrap the silver cuff blank with the raffia, overlapping a bit as you wrap. Glue ends down with a clear tacky glue and let dry.

Using the copper paint from the VerDay Paint system, brush on one layer of the paint and let it dry thoroughly. After the first coat is dry, brush on a second coat. Spray with patina spray.

Apply Iron VerDay paint in random areas, applying it thickly to add texture. Now let this cure.

Glue beads, pearls and to the inside of the small Relics and Artifacts Shell. Dry brush some of the copper paint to show the detail of the shell, then dry brush some light brown ink

Wipe away some of the ink so the shell remains bright. Glue a small brass starfish to either side of the shell on the cuff. Brush with copper verday before hand to age them a bit. St

I reached for my turquoise glass beads for this next part.

Use a toothpick to apply clear tacky glue in a flowing motion on both sides of the shell and over the star fish

Use the toothpick and clear tacky glue to apply the beads outside of the shell. I used the teal chalk edger along the edges of the shell.

Here is the finished cuff. There are more pictures on the Muse I hope this has inspired you to make a beautiful ocean themed cuff.

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