How to upcycle a boring white plastic trash bin

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First we are going to need some book pages. Most old books are threaded together, so simply cut the threads

Thus sections of the book will be released. Now simply cut pages of

Get your mod podge and paintbrush and start covering the trash bin with book pages

I decided to start at the back. I found it easiest to apply mod podge to the bin, then add the paper. And don't forget to soak the page in mod podge afterwards as well

Obstacles like these are avoided by cutting the paper accordingly

Don't worry about cutting it perfectly we will deal with those details later

If you can't seem to get rid of an air bubble like this one

Cut a hole in it

And brush like crazy with mod podge, this will release the air

Use leftover pieces of paper to cover small sections

When you are done secure the pages with mod podge again, especially the edge of the pages

When dry, cut of excessive paper with an exacto knife

Now for the lid. Mine had rounded edges, so I had to cut the paper like this... order to fit it to the round edge. When you are done trim the excess paper. Don't mind how it looks, the twine will cover the edges

Finally place the twine around the edge of the lid. Remember lots of mod podge!

Around and around. You might wanna proceed and cover it all. I left some of the bin bare

And there you go! Though I'm still considering if I want to do something about the edges and pedal... Ideas?

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