How to make stir fry

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Menu: Chicken Stir Fry (meal), Green Apple (appetizer), Milk (drink)

First you need to cut your apples to serve as an appetizer

Next you start your stir fry by cutting up the chicken

Once you have your all chicken cut up it needs to marinate for 30 minutes in the teriyaki sauce

Next you cut up your broccoli

Then you add your carrots to the broccoli and rinse them off

Once the chicken is done marinating, you cook it until the chicken becomes white

While the chicken is cooking you should start cooking your rice

After the chicken is white you add your vegetables and let it cook with the lid on for another 7-10 minutes

Before your food is ready you should get your drink of milk

After the rice and stir fry are ready, you add them and enjoy

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