How to make diy t-shirt cushions

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You Will Need An Old T-Shirt (Or A Few)

Decide on the size and shape of your design and take measurements.

Transfer your measurements to a large piece of paper or newspaper and cut out.

Position the pattern on the t-shirt.

Cut the around the pattern. You will be left with two identical sized pieces of material.

Turn the pieces of material inside out and pin together using straight pins. Place the pins perpendicular to the edges so the sewing machine can still run over them.

Thread your sewing machine with the same color thread as the t-shirt you are using. Starting at one corner, sew along the inside edge with a straight stitch, leaving about a 1/4" border.

Continue sewing all four sides, leaving a 2" gap at the end for the stuffing. Only sew up three sides, leaving one side open to insert the form. Turn the pillow right side out.

Fill the pillow with polyester stuffing, through the gap that you left. Once satisfied with the amount of stuffing inside, close up the gap. Thread a needle and hand sew the opening closed.

Project Finished

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