How to create a watercolor deer

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Print a deer shape on a piece of paper. I used normal paper for printers.

Than take a transparent paper and place it over the deer shape.

Start tracing the outline of the deer.

After that take your watercolor paper and place the transparent paper with the deer outlines on top of it.

Start tracing again but this time do it with a little more pressure.

Remove the transparent paper. Done properly you will see the outlines of the deer pressed into your watercolor paper.

Now you'll need the liquid frisket.

Paint the inside of the deer with the liquid frisket.

It should look like this when you are done. Now let it dry really good. That is important!

While the frisket is drying, you can start mixing your watercolors. I used blue and green.

When the frisket is really dry spray clean water over your watercolor paper.

Now start painting!

Again, wait till your painting is really dry.

Than you can start to rub of the liquid frisket.

Now your painting is done!

Watch the video: TUTORIAL TIME! Painting a Deer with Watercolor Paints. artbybee7

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