How to make a colourful cake board

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Get you fondant ready

Brush your cake board with water and cover it with small balls of different coloured fondant, don't worry about the gaps

Roll over with your rolling pin until the balls of fondant come together and cover the whole board

If you get large patches of the same colour, just take a ball of different colour and pop it in the middle...

...and roll out with your rolling pin

Smooth over with a fondant smoother

Trim the edges with a pallete knife

Cover the edges with a ribbon

Cut the ribbon on the angle so it doesn't thread

I use a glue stick to attach the ribbon. Make sure the join is at the back of your board when you place the cake on it

I finished mine off with piped birthday message

And here it is with Cookie Monster cake on

Watch the video: How to Make a Cake Board out of Cardboard


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