How to cook sambal pork belly

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Remove the skin if your pork belly comes with it like mine.

Cut into big chunk. Is okay to cook in whole if your pot big enough to fit.

Bring a pot of water to boil.

Add the pork belly.

Add some salt and let it simmer for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, clean a stick of lemon grass and give it a few smack to have more fragrance.

Slice some onions.

Heat up your favourite non stick pan, drizzle some oil and start frying the onions.

Stir fry in low heat to slowly caramelised the onions.

Add the sambal (please refer my other guide how to make the sambal).

Mix well with the caramelised onions and feel free to add more oil if you find the paste too dry.

Add chopped lemon grass and keep frying in medium heat until fragrance. Make sure keep stirring with your spatula as you do not want to burn the chillies.

After 10 minutes of frying the paste, add some water about 1/3 cup.

Mix well and continue frying in medium heat.

Add salt and taste accordingly.

Once you happy with the taste of the paste, add the cooked meat.

You can always add more salt or soy sauce if u find it not salty enough. If too spicy, add some sugar.

Ready to serve. Enjoy!

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