How to healthy chilli, chicken, tomatoes & couscous

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You can substitute couscous for brown rice or plain white rice. Brown rice is healthier than couscous. white rice is high in GI.

Cut thin pieces of chicken, and sear in a hot frying pan. Use minimal oil, if you have an oil spray that would be best

Only turn the chicken once. To get that seared chicken taste. Once cooked remove from pan and put aside.

In the same pan (keep that chicken taste) add 125ml of water. Bring to boil

When you start seeing bubbles appear add, 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil.

Add some salt for taste. You don't have to, if your cutting down you sodium intake. Combine and stir together, then remove from heat.

Add 1/2 cup of Cous Cous by lightly sprinkling it into the pan

Cover with a tea towel. Or use a lid for safety. Let the cous cous rest for 3 minutes.

In the mean while. Cut a small chilli, and 3 cherry tomatoes.

Using a fork, break the cous cous up, then remove from pan.

Add some oil spray to the pan, and fry the chilli and tomatoes together, fry for 30 seconds. BEWARE When frying chilli with its seeds as it can create a harsh oder that can cause you to cough.

Add cous cous and fry together.

NOTE: cous cous can sometimes be dry. So You can add soy sauce, more tomatoes, tomato purée, add sweet chilli sauce, hot sauce, add anything that goes with chicken, for more moisture or taste.

Serve up with the chicken

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