How to make coconut oil

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1 cup of coconut cream. How to make coconut cream? See my guide

1 heavy pot. It doesn't have to be big but it should be solid.

Pour the coconut cream into the pot and turn the stove on to the midway point i.e. if 10 is the highest selection, choose 5.

Cook for 30 minutes. It will bubble and begin to turn brown. The oil will become the top layer. Decrease heat by half again i.e. 2.5 so that it doesn't burn. Cook until there are no more white spots.

You don't have to stir it just let it cook down. Pour off the oil. The remnant will be brown and the oil will not turn rancid because there is no cream left in it.

Coconut oil. The yield isn't much but, if you are using it for your face, this will last a month!

Coconut oil solidified. Great smelling and extremely light. Place in a wide-mouth container for easy access. In hot climates, store in the fridge.

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