How to create a halloween canvas ii

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Any patterned tissue will work. These are facial tissues but napkins or gift tissue work equally well.

Because the Velvet Art Anthology paint is dimensional it was difficult to get a smooth texture. Luckily for me, the brush strokes are what I wanted!

The decoupage glue is still wet in this photo. The colors of the tissue lightened up considerably when it was dry.

When the glue dries it has a matte finish so it is not shiny. It adds just a little texture to the piece.

Clear Wink of Stella on the "3" and "1".

Leaky Shed chipboard key was colored with orange marker, the edges were distressed and then a touch of orange Golden acrylic paint was added for brightness and shine.

A touch of black around the edges gives the canvas a more "finished" look.

The hourglass is from an old Mailbox Muse kit.

Scanned copy. The Canvas is ready to hang or stand on a shelf.

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