How to make candy corn cupcakes

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Preheat oven to 330 degrees Fahrenheit.

Prepare cake mix as directed on box. Use white cupcake liners so color will show through.

Evenly divide batter in two bowls. I use glass so I can see how well it's blended.

These are the colors I used. These are gel and I chose gel because I didn't want to mix liquid coloring. But the choice is about whatever you're comfortable using.

Because food coloring (gel/liquid) are different. I test a small amount of the color first, then add more depending how intense you want your color.

Swirly Orange! Ok, I just thought that was pretty..back to the cupcakes...

Orange and yellow ready to scoop!

Spoon yellow batter into bottoms of prepared cupcake cups, filling them about one-third full.

This is how much I filled these..

Gently spoon orange batter over yellow layers, filling about two-thirds full. Ready to bake. Try not to shake or jar cupcake pans, you don't want the layers to mix. Place them in the oven.

Bake 18-23 minutes or until cake tester inserted comes out clean.

As usual, lick then clean your bowls while your cupcakes bake!

These are fresh out of the oven! Wait about 15 minutes or until completely cool.

Top with your favorite vanilla icing and place a candy corn on top of each cupcake!


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