How to say "i love you" without words #1: quiet drawers

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While getting dressed, one time I accidentally bumped a drawer that was out. My sleeping wife's horizontal jump reached a new record of about 3 feet off the bed. Solution needed.

Peel off felt pad and as you are facing drawer --- the pad goes on back side of the front of the drawer.

Two pads stacked will soften drawer closing even more.

Another felt pad, placed opposite the ones you put on the "inside" of the drawer front, will bring it virtually down to a whisper.

Felt pad to felt pad assures a quieter drawer closing and lets my Sleeping Beauty rest undisturbed.

I realize this is a no-brainer for most people. This cheap, easy, fast, simple act is just another very small way I say to my wife "I love you" without using the words. More tips on their way soon.

Check out my other guide if you want the QUIETEST drawers everrrr.

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