How to grill the ultimate chicken wings

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In this recipe, we used "Italiano Pronto". provides many different varieties that gives you many different flavors! We used Italiano Pronto for these Ultimate Grilled Chicken!

Grab a big plastic Ziploc bag and add your chicken wings inside.

Season your chicken with the seasoning. Make sure all chicken are coated well and evenly. Add only a pinch of salt and pepper. Last, add lemon juice.

Heat up your grill. And oil the grill grates. You can use a paper towel and put oil on it while wiping the grill grates.

Once preheated and hot, add your chicken skin side down and add your lemon.

Cook chicken until cooked and well colored. About 7-8 minutes on each side. Check to always see if the chicken is cooked.

Keep cooking and make sure you have color on the chicken.

Once cooked, let the chicken cool down. Add some more lemon juice by squeezing the grilled lemon

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