How to do fun neon nails

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Forgot to take a picture of my base coat. So do a base coat, then a coat of white.

Tape off the bottom half of your nail.

Paint your first neon color. I did a super bright yellow.

Then your going to need a small striper brush. You can also use something like a toothpick or anything that would give you a thin-er/ish line.

Do a thin line. I used pink.

Then do a second thin line. I did it in orange.

Then with a darker, but still bright color, fill in the tip of your nail.

Then you need a small dotting tool. You can also use a toothpick, bobby pin, or anything you find that will give you a small dot.

Then take the same color you did your second thin line in, orange for me, and dot on to your first color, yellow for me.

Then take the first thin line color, pink and dot it on the last color.

Clean up around your nail with nail polish remover and a small brush or q-tip. Then topcoat and you're done!

Hope your nails turn out great! Tell me what kind of guides you'd like and I'll work on it.

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