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I m gonna show u these really simple designs.all u need to know is how to make a dot(.) ..just use a toothpick,pen,pencil and a few nail paints!! They are very easy to make..hope you enjoy them

1.start with applying a base and let it dry

Now Start with adding dots in a circular pattern.. U can change the pattern as u like

Start with bright colours dotting in a curved pattern

Keep can just cover the tips and make it like a manicure or jus leave it half

This is the final looking..

Jus made with simple dots!!

2.apply a base.let it dry.start making dots in a straight line goin from bigger to smaller in size

Now another colour in the opposite directions

Final look..fairly simple jus made out of dots

3.base,dry,add circles..make sure they are even mine are a lil uneven

Try makin it even

Add another dot whn it dries

Finally... Try this with a black base and white dots or any bright colours.. White base is a lil too pale

All done!!

4.Base,dry,add different colours of bigger size dots in diagonal lines


They look very cute and are the quickest to draw,very colourful too

5.This one add a base and then draw dots making a v shape..jus dot them again to make them look prettier



6.after base draw a start and fill in the colour..use a darker colour for start mine is a lil too light


Add the dots all around and done!!


7.Add a base


Draw a Criss cross pattern with dots


Keep goin and it's done


8.Add a base


Add big circles in the middle try a d keep them even


On the sides draw smaller circle


Done !!!


Thank you for watching!!!

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