How to Cook KALE.... On a Saturday

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Boom! That's all you need in your raggedy kitchen.

Take time to cut/prep everything. Cube your onions, tomatoes, and and cut you limes. Take some Kale aside and chop it up like >>>

Chop up a lil bit of Kale. Make it look like that. Not too long though. We ain't feeding alligators.

What's this for you ask? Wait for it..... MUHFUH KALE CHIPS! A lil side thang just in case your Lady friend brings over her vegetarian friend.

Sprinkle a lil oil on'em. Not too much. Unless grandma wants some.

Cutting your Limes like this will help when it's time to squeeze them over the Kale chips.

Rinse the chicken under the tap and cut off access factory missed fat, cut in pieces, and toss'em in a bowl with a cup of water

Cut them like this. Don't worry about grand ma. She'll fall asleep way before your done.

Squeeze n add you lime. That's how u clean chicken. It tenderizes, and cuts the bacteria. Now it won't smell like the back of the grocery store.

Rinse your wok and let the burner heat up the pan to clear out the water in the wok.

Spread oil around wok to avoid burning.

Add onion

Add Kale n a splash of water, oh and more garlic lol

Drain water out of bowl.

Empty Kale party mix into bowl. This is only temporary.

Add bit of oil, and cook the chicken. I only rinsed the wok to keep the seasoning in the wok. Notice the orange seasoning around the chicken. Boom!

Hey no judgie!!! This rice can stop the war. Jut saying. It'll blow your mind.

And then add your favorite seasoning and cook till water is almost all absorbed.


Add tomatoes.


My Kale chips are KALIN'em out there!!!



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