How to Make Simple Lip Gloss <3

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Here are your supplies.. I don't go by measurements, so I go by whatever feels right.

Melt one spoonful of Vaseline or shortening with one teaspoon of olive oil in a microwave proof bowl.. Blowdryers tend to get messy!

Add some vanilla essence to the mixture for flavouring... I prefer vanilla but you could go wild with your choices..

As you can see this eyeshadow of mine is not entirely usable and pretty old but I do love the color.. I used the back of a spoon to scrape out the eyeshadow and dropped it in my mix..

You could also use food colouring.. Mix it well. You could use ANY colour that you want.. Play around with shades and colours.. Use as much eyeshadow as you feel is right..

This was how my lip gloss looked once I was done..

You are finally done with your lipgloss! Gather your ziplock pouch and fill the lipgloss in it. Then cut a small hole in one of the bottom corners and seal the pouch..

Now you can squeeze out the lipgloss when you need it! If you don't have a sealable pouch just tie a rubber band and the top! Hope you liked it! Feel free to comment!

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