How to Make a Gift Bow From a Magazine Page

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Get a random magazine that's just laying around.

Flip to a random page & SLOWLY tear it out.

Cut it into strips like this. They don't have to be exact. If ones a little wider than the rest, it's alright.

Make a loop like this with all the strips, except the last one.

Here's what they should all look like.

Make the shortest one into a cuff.

Get you first three, the biggest ones, and put them together like this. Tape the centers, so they'll be stuck together.

Now add the next three.

And the two after that. Your bow should look like this now.

Now add your cuff to the middle!

Yayy! You're done & you now have a pretty gift bow🎀

If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask! :)

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