How to Make a Cupcake Bouquet

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Hot glue your styrofoam ball into your pot

Rip (don't cut) tissue paper into various sizes

Fold up tissue over your finger

Add a dab of hot glue

Stick the paper onto your styrofoam ball

Repeat process filling your pot do that it looks like leaves

For more contrast in your leaves, add two different kinds of tissue papee

Bake your cupcakes using your favorite recipe. I use the vanilla cupcake recipe on Adjust the recipe to accommodate different flavors by subbing vanilla for other extracts

I bake regular size cupcakes as well as the mini ones. The mini ones act as buds in your bouquet

Insert your skewer into your styrofoam ball and insert your cupcake on the skewer. Add another skewer and repeat, adding regular size cupcakes and the minis

What your bouquet should look like finished

Tint your icing to whatever color you want for your "flowers". I used red for the regular ones and light pink for the buds

Fill your icing bags. For the roses, I used a 2d Wilton tip.

Start in the center and ice outward, overlapping icing slightly to get the swirl effect

Great gifts for special occasions!

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