How to Cook Stove Top Popcorn

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Only use a small amount of popcorn

Use the oil and pour just a small amount to cover the bottom of the pot

Heat the oil. This should only take a couple of seconds. Med to high

Med to high

Add the popcorn to the pot. See, not that much popcorn

Don't forget to put a lid on it. Sealed.

You do not want the popcorn to stick to one side of the pot so shake often, but set it down to still 'pop'

There is really no time limit. But make sure you stop the flame and pour it in a bowl when you do not hear any more popping. Otherwise your burning it!

Your done!! Unless you want salt and butter then continue.

Pour salt on top. Then (I use a butter knife) mix the popcorn around to mix up the salt.

Now for the butter. And a cup to melt it in.

Just a thick slice will do.

Microwave it for 60 seconds on 60% power.

You want. It melted but not to burn it

Then pour the butter and mix it like you did the salt.

Make sure to get all of it from the cup. You can even use the cup to scoop it and pour it back in the bowl.

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