How to Tie Your Pointe Shoes

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This guide will teach you how to tie your pointe shoes. :)

Of course first you put your shoe on ;). Some people like to write left in one shoe and right in the other for comfort. Others like to just wear either shoe.. Whatever is comfortable to you! :)

Cross your ribbons, doesn't matter which side is on top.

This step is very important.... make sure the elastic on your Ribbons covers your Achilles for support. This will help in the long run with injuries.

Bring the ribbons back to the front....cross over again, and back over Achilles, just over the top of the elastic. :)

Bring the ribbons to the inside of your ankle, and double knot them.

Make sure you tuck in your ribbon. 1. you don't trip over them and 2. it looks much prettier.

All done!

Watch the video: Dead pointe shoes!

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