How to Make Pedal Straps for Your Bicycle

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You're gonna make this.

This is what you'll need. I forgot to put the lighter in the picture. I've also already cut up some of the velcro in half lengthwise.

Cut one of the straps up the middle about 9".

Grab your riding shoe and wrap the strap under, around the pedal post, and over your shoe. Mark at outside of pedal.

Trim both tabs at mark.

Now lay the trimmed piece on top of the other strap and cut up the middle to the same length.

Burn all your cut edges for clean, finished look. They'll last longer too. (please do this outside)

You now have two.

Back to the pedal. Wrap as before only this time wrap the loose end over your shoe and mark at crank.

Trim at mark.

Lay the cut piece on the other strap again. Cut to same length. Save the scraps, you're gonna use 'em.

Now lay them flat and apply 4 pieces of fuzzy Velcro on tabs.

Flip the straps over and put hook sides of Velcro on solid end as well as tabbed end.

Fuzzy on one tabbed end. Hooked on both ends on the other side.

Here's the part where you can sew it if you want. I broke my machine trying to, so I just didn't do it.

Back to the pedal again. Wrap your strap.

Now take one of your extra pieces, fold it over the top to the outside edge of the pedal, and mark.

Cut both extra pieces to the mark and stick the remaining fuzzy Velcro on one end of each piece.

Should stick together like this. The loose end needs to be attached. (by my pinkie)

Ok. So this is where the sewing machine would come in real handy. Since I broke mine, I used some grommets I had to attach the extra pieces. Looks cooler anyway.


Grommets added.


Here we go. Start to wrap your pedal.


Flip the hook side across the pedal.


Now fold the fuzzy over.


And finally, the attached extra piece. Repeat on other pedal.


If your pedals have slots for straps, use 'em. Mine are too thin to fit the strap through. I'll probably just zip-tie the thing.


Good job. Now go ride your bike.

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