How to Make a Thriving Container Garden With Less Soil!

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Select a lightweight container like this fiberglass faux ceramic pot. Generally, faux pots are less expensive than their "real" counterparts.

This 15 gallon beauty cost me 9 dollars at Ralphs Market! Look for blow out sales at market floral dept after holiday. Read about my other gardening "steal" at

Insert an Ups-a-Daisy planter insert into container. Should fit about 3/4 of the way down the pot. Notice the drain holes to keep water from ponding around roots. Many sizes.

Plastic Ups -a-Daisy insert used instead of gravel or broken crockery for improved drainage.

Push insert as far down as you can until it won't go any further. The insert should go in low enough so that your plant has room for roots to grow and spread.

Fill the planter with a lightweight potting soil Never use "planting soil" which is heavier and made to mix with your garden soil in the garden, not a pot! Insert your plants. These are tiny cypress

With the planter insert you will need less soil making pots lighter and easy to move. Visit my blog for garden makeovers, how to's & videos. Http:// Shirley Bovshow @Edenmaker

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