How to Make Chocolate Mustaches

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Cut the chocolate

Melt the chocolate in microwave ( 1 or 2 minutes .but be careful not to burn it )

Put the mold of the mustache on a table ( you can do smaller mustaches but may be easier to break). The site of the mold is… .

Put with the help of a funnel the chocolate into the syrup container (or other thing with a little hole on the top )

Put the butter paper over the mold (you can put the mold in a tray for easy handling) then put the stick (longer than a toothpick) in the center of the mustache.Hold the paper and the stick with tape.

Draw with the chocolate in the mold and put more chocolate where is the stick to hold the mustache on it.

Look like this.

Carefully put the mustache in the refrigerator (that's why would be easier if you put a plate or a tray below the mold)

When it be really detach it carefully from the butter paper and not push too hard not to break the stick .

I hope you understand :)

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